Why Vanilla Programming


Welcome to the webplayground. When I first began my programming journey, I started learning jquery because it was the shortcut version of javascript. I was a master at making sliders that could fadeIn & out, but once I tried apps more complicated I realized I had no clue what I was doing. Plus, I didn't like copying and pasting someone else's code without understanding how it worked.

So I decided to learn javascript without any frameworks or libraries. I was worried that it was going to be difficult and depressing, but it was pretty cool(except for the DOM, that still sucks). Now, it's the only way I learn a new technology and my skills are much better off because of it. WP focuses on learning vanilla code, weather it's javascript, node.js or css, mostly everything on this site will be written in vanilla code. I say mostly, because react is awesome.


What you get


You get projects and tutorials on all kinds of apps! You get the answers to your code dilemmas! You get the foundation of how the code works without "Copy this code from this page, change a few variables and viola you have made your own api." Seriously though, WP is a great place to learn to code.

Above all, you will like programming in vanilla code.

Enjoy the WebPlayground,


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