How to get Nice & Simple Social Media Buttons

September 27, 2023


Font-awesome provides nice social media buttons


Font-awesome has buttons to social media icons that you can put in your website with a simple link. We're going to be using the content delivery network(cdnjs) hosted by cloudfare to get the font-awesome icons. We're going to put the link in the head of our html page. This link includes the latest version of font-awesome as well as all the icons.

The link to font-awesome cdnjs.


Including the Elements in the Html


We're going to be using links for facebook, linkedin & the new twitter icon. I would create a link anywhere in the body with a class of "fa-brands" & the class name of the social media icon I want.

Including the html tag for social media icons.


You can style the icons with css


We can also go in the css file & style the icons. You can change these properties,









The css for social media buttons.

You can find the project here.

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